AdROIt: 40% reduction in mobile cost per acquisition

I had a note in the other day from James Lambertini, VP of Global Research and Marketing at InMobi. He was writing to tell me about their new offering, AdROIt:

Hi Ewan,

How’s things? I hope you’re doing well. Hopefully you saw our welcome note to Apple on joining the mobile advertising market? Steve never responded or reciprocated which I found disappointing 😉

The real reason I am writing is to tell you about a new piece of technology we’ve implemented for our advertisers called AdROIt. You may have seen the release last week? AdROIt is an advertiser analytics technology that provides cost-per-acquisition based performance tracking for actions like registration, travel itineraries, car test drive requests, mortgage quotes, etc. While this reporting piece is interesting, the main differentiation for AdROIt is how we leverage the data to automatically improve our ad serving to generate better quality leads. Early beta tests drove a 40% reduction in the cost per acquisition without sacrificing volume.

My pithy way to describe AdROIt? No dumb beacons! Many folks already have tracking solutions in place. Rather than creating thousands of reports that require manual work, AdROIt creates a performance feedback loop at a deeper level than CPC and automatically improves ad serving in real time. Basically its another data input for our self-learning network that improves performance for advertisers with every impression and every click. You will hear more about that over the next few months. Additional details are at

Let me know when you’re back over on the West Coast and we’ll catch up properly.

Speak to you soon.


James, good to hear from you — thanks for writing. I should be back in the Valley in the not too distant future so let’s do a drink!

If you’ve been following Mobile Developer TV, you’ll remember James from the recent interview we did with him at Mobile World Congress.

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