Apple’s early iPad delivery today inconveniences ‘hundreds of thousands’

“I’m so sorry, we’ve had over 100,000 complaints today because of the iPad early delivery.”

So says the lady from TNT, the delivery firm that Apple has contracted to handle the iPad distribution. I’m quoting that lady from a good colleague of mine who’s a seriously big hitter in the mobile industry. He, like a load of other people, is very disappointed that Apple chose to deliver his iPad a day early.

What is that a problem? Well, for one thing, nobody was expecting the units to be delivered today. My colleague had arranged for someone to be at home on Friday — ALL DAY Friday — to receive the iPad, such was his excitement and expectation. This afternoon he found that TNT had tried to deliver the iPad.

Of course, typically, nobody was in.

Now there’s a problem.

“I think it’s absolutely diabolical,” says my colleague, “It’s ridiculous that people who organised their lives around a Friday delivery now have to make different arrangements. It’s created unnecessary chaos for me and at least 5 other people I could name.”

For those who were at home — or who had the device delivered to their offices (good idea, that) — it’s been a welcome surprise, I’m sure.

But for the apparent 100,000 people who’ve been melting the TNT customer services lines, there’s clearly a problem.

“I think it’s a marketing mistake,” says my colleague,”I think it has damaged Apple’s reputation for quality. They have not done what they said they would do. They said they would deliver on the 28th.”

It will pass, though. The frustration will pass.

However, as my colleague pointed out, because his iPad has been scheduled for re-delivery, it now means the package is low priority. He might get it on Friday. He might get it on Saturday if he’s awfully lucky and if Apple smile nicely at TNT. But he could now get it on Monday. That’s an eon in iPad-fanatic time.

One other point about this… 100,000 complaints? If that’s anywhere near accurate, that would point to the fact that at least 100,000 iPads were sent out today. At least. How many in total were sent out, I wonder? And how many will be sold on Friday and over the weekend? I wonder. We will find out soon I’m sure.

  • Splog

    In the UK you are entitled for reimbursement if costs you (e.g. time off work) to be in for a delivery that does not take place.

  • PDK

    I followed the tracking through TNT and it clearly stated yesterday that the package was cleared for delivery today, and sure enough it turned up. Apple have had my money since the tenth so I think I should be entitled to get it a day early, so thanks Apple or TNT.

  • ric

    For anyone who checked the TNT tracking site (Junecloud – Delivery Status app,, it was pretty obvious it was coming today. Even Apple Tracking eventually updated yesterday evening to say delievered tomorrow. When I placed my order, Apple said “We expect your order to be delivered to your shipping address on or before 28.05.2010”, which they did admirably.

  • did you get yours?

  • ric

    Indeed. Browsing your site with it now. Got work VPN working, if I can sort Citrix I'll be happy!

  • Seriously you apple bods have nothing better to do then complain….. why not do what I do and get it delivered to work. Ironically I tethered it to my android mobile phone ( google nexus one) and it worked even faster than the ipad with the built in 3g. Ipad+Android Phone= winning formula

    Keep up the great newsletter Ewan.

  • Chris

    Got mine early too but O2 cocked up. My mini SIM was the normal format. Packaging stated mini. Anybody else?

  • To be fair to Apple they have always said that orders deliver BY the 28th (he says typing on his iPad that arrived this morning)

  • I think that it's unlikely to be re-delivered on Monday too – it's a bank holiday in the UK (even longer waits).

  • Wooo congratulations!

  • Frederik Nielsen

    I am so “lucky” that TNT didn't have time to bring me my Ipad – I waited home all day yesterday, but when the TNT guy finally showed up he only brought the ipad to vga cable and not the actual Ipad… I ordered it roughly 20 mins after the pre-order opened so I feel like I deserve to receive my ipad in time but no.. now I have to battle TNT crap-service and closed phone-lines just to MAYBE get it today… PRE-Ordering SUCKS… I could just go to the local apple store an pick one up.. there weren't any que yesterday when I dropped by…

    Thank you TNT and Apple for ruining my 28th of May due to incompetence… 🙁 🙁

    I am seriously dissappointed!

  • Patchy1999

    Spare a thought for the tnt drivers; like me. Our depot was swamped with Apple consignments creating huge additional workload. This impacted on all our normal deliveries some of which were made much later than normal. This is more likely to be the cause of the 100,000 complaints. As for the Apple consignments everybody I delivered one to was expecting it.

    One final point for those desparately disappointed Apple Consignees' who missed their delivery, why not take two forms of ID to the depot on your 'sorry we missed you card' and collect it in person?

  • Good suggestion Patchy. Is all back to normal now then?

  • Oh NO!!!!

  • Peter

    Think on this,in the UK its 8th June and TNT have just delivered….the SIM card minus iPAD.
    That makes the Apple delivery for pre orders in the UK ?12 days after I could have bought one at my local store !!! and still counting.

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