Don’t forget Vodafone & Chargebox on the High Street

Yesterday — with the filming for the HulloMail Future of Voicemail Series in full swing — my phone was running red hot. I was really giving the Bold 9700 a good amount of use and the reasonably capable battery was taking a bashing.

By about 4pm it was nearing 1/5 bars. I decided to take some action — especially since the baby is imminent. I was working away on the laptop at Paddington Station so I popped down to the Vodafone Shop on the concourse and stuck the BlackBerry into the top locker of the Chargebox. I put £1.50 into the slot and boom, the BlackBerry started charging away (that got me an hour’s worth of charge).

I took the little locker key with me and went back to work, reminding my wife that I’d swapped phones in case the baby contractions began.

An hour later I retrieved my phone with full battery. Genius.

So if you’ve found your battery at 30% and you really need a quick charge, do consider your local Vodafone Store. I think most of them have Chargeboxes on site — and you don’t need to be a Vodafone customer to use them.

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By Ewan

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