Episode two of the Future of Voicemail Series is in the can!

Yesterday I popped by the offices of ePlanet Ventures to meet European partner, Tim Rea. I dropped Tim an email after talking with HulloMail founder, Andy Munarizz. I’ve been following one of ePlanet’s ventures, Palringo, for a long time and Andy’s mention a few weeks ago prompted me to seek out Tim.

Tim’s bag is very much the convergence between mobile and fixed telecoms and media so I reckoned he’d have some interesting points to contribute to my Future of Voicemail video series (HulloMail are the sponsor). I wasn’t wrong. In just 30 minutes, Tim delivered a series of smart perspectives about the way ahead — indeed, he made some challenging observations and predictions, especially in the area of presence management and voicemail.

I’ll be working on Tim’s interview over the next few days and I hope to get it up shortly along with Olivier’s interview from Wednesday.

Thanks for taking the time, Tim!

By Ewan

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