Mobile navigation service, Waze, hits the BlackBerry platform

I had a note in from the team at free navigation service, Waze, to let me know that they’ve launched an early beta version of Waze for BlackBerry. If you haven’t come across Waze before, it’s a simply fantastic community mapping service that quite a lot of people are going nuts over. The service enables you to swiftly identify the best and most usable map routes — like a ‘path well trodden’ for the connected age. This means that, generally speaking, you’ll get phenomenally accurate traffic indicators and really useful navigation knowledge parsed from the wisdom of the crowds.

Users have been flocking to the service which offers free navigation and quite a lot more. Indeed the Waze team have been working on making the service informative and fun to use. Which is why they’re offering an iPad for each of the top two users who much (i.e. drive over) the most BlackBerry road goodies during their daily commutes. (As you drive, you earn ‘goodies’ — a bit like pac man — and you can garner substantial points if you drive a different route thus populating the Waze map with more useful information for everyone else). There’s more information on the Waze blog.

Waze is available for the BlackBerry 8900, 9000, 9630 and 9700 devices (not the Storms, yet). Plus chances are it’ll work on whatever device you’re currently sporting too (e.g. Android, Nokia, iPhone).

Give it a shot, especially if you drive regularly!

Download at:

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