The London Evening Standard launches app on loads of platforms

The London Evening Standard today has officially launched it’s mobile applications — finally. We’ve been waiting for quite some time, indeed it’s always been a source of annoyance that I can’t easily ‘get’ the Evening Standard output on my mobile phone. Instead I usually end up grabbing a physical copy — ultra inefficient from a technical perspective.

Whats remarkable about the launch is that — GASP — it’s available on virtually any smartphone including iPhone, Nokia (S60 5th edition), BlackBerry, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. Here’s a helpful screenshot from the Evening Standard website:

Yup. All those phones are supported.

It’s almost frightening how well the Evening Standard have done — most companies simply vomit out an obligatory iPhone app and that’s it. But not the Evening Standard chaps. That, I suspect, has a lot to do with the fact that they’ve partnered with mobile experts, Handmark, to deliver the service. Handmark’s Mobile Publishing Platform is sitting on the backend managing everything.

Pop into your favourite mobile application store to download the app today or find out more at the Evening Standard site.

Kudos Handmark and kudos Evening Standard — it’s good to see companies recognising that it’s not all about the iPhone.

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