Touchnote embedded on millions of Sony Ericsson handsets

Embedding — where your application or service is preinstalled by a handset manufacturer or mobile operator — is one of the oft-forgotten tactics to Getting Big Fast in the mobile marketplace.

For the lucky few, it really can be a phenomenal opportunity. So, it’s celebrations all round at Touchnote HQ — they’ve done a deal with Sony Ericsson to embed their photo-to-postcard service on the manufacturer’s Android and Symbian handsets.

TechCrunch broke the story this afternoon, pointing out that it’s a rather different embed deal than you normally come across. Often we see embed deals where the manufacturer effectively pays the developer for the privilege. Or it demands the ‘lite’ version free but then allows the developer to keep any upgrade revenues. In this case, both Touchnote and Sony Ericsson will share a split — so both parties benefit.

Don’t, therefore, be surprised to see Sony Ericsson touting the Touchnote facilities when the handsets hit the marketplace as they’ve both got skin in the game.

Having followed Touchnote for almost the entire length of their mobile strategy, I’m absolutely delighted for them. There’s a talented team there in the Camden office, all committed to delivering the best experience.

If you haven’t checked it out, you can find it on the Ovi Store (as Rafe Blandford did whilst we were at Helsinki Airport last week — I swear he had downloaded the app and sent his postcard inside 2 minutes!) and on the iPhone App Store (my preferred Touchnote UI platform).

Now: If you’re reading from a mobile operator or another handset manufacturer, I’m pretty sure Touchnote really wants to work with you and wants to have their service embedded/preinstalled/featured so you’ll both make a good amount of money. If you need a contact there, drop me a note and I’ll plug you in.

Nice one Touchnote!

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