UK iPad prices £429 for 16GB WiFi-only, £699 for 64GB 3G+WiFi

Right then the speculation over the UK iPad pricing can now be banished. I was hoping for something around £379 or £399 for the basic 16GB WiFi-only device, but no.

The Guardian is reporting that the price structure will be thus:

16GB WiFi only: £429
32GB WiFi only: £499
64GB WiFi only: £599

16GB WiFi+3G: £529
32GB WiFi+3G: £599
64GB WiFi+3G: £699

(All prices including VAT)

And of course, if you’re going with the 3G option, you’ll need to buy a data plan with that (see Orange UK pricing) or hack up your existing sim card to fit if you’re feeling a bit geeky.

So what’s your poison?

By Ewan

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3 replies on “UK iPad prices £429 for 16GB WiFi-only, £699 for 64GB 3G+WiFi”

It's not too bad, but as a comparison, consider that for the base model US customers will be paying $499 + (average sales of say, 7%) = $534 = £363.

If you price that with UK VAT applied, then it's $499 + 17.5% = $586 = £399

So Apple are marking up about £30 for we lucky, electorally-uncertain Brits. It's a shame they decided no to hit that £399 price point.

Mind you, if you were considering importing an iPad from the US, then you'll pay about £30 to have it couriered over insured, plus extra import duty if it isn't shipped as a gift.

Rip off – not quite a laptop, not quite a phone, as you can tell i'm not an apple fan, mainly because i'm fed up of receiving text messages from friends with loads of misspellings due to the iphone keypad being naff.

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