What are the best mobile ecommerce apps?

I was talking with a reader today about some of the best mobile ecommerce apps on the planet. I’m shocked to say that — from the top of my head — I came up with three:

Ocado (supermarket, groceries)
Touchnote (postcards from your phone)
Pizza Hut (order pizza via your phone)

There’s gotta be more! This is not good! I just… I’m having a brain freeze. What ecommerce apps do you use on a regular basis? I need to put a list together I think!

I’m talking about applications where you can actually order something physical as a result.

What am I missing?

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A third vote for Amazon, though I guess you could consider Ebay to be “Ecommerce” 🙂

The main reason there is so few, is because of what a pain in-app purchase is to implement well on a phone. The minute you decide the UX of entering a credit card or being pre registered is too much hassle you enter a mine field

Apples in app purchase whilst brilliant for digital goods cannot be used for physical goods
PSMS is ugly and you would need great margins to sustain on most physical goods
Most solutions require you integrate with or embed and remove the chrome of the browser in your app

Its something thats crying out to be made easy, yet is still unfortunately hard, thankfully some players are starting to emerge!

The Best Buy apps allows purchase. So do a few of the US airlines….for example, the regional carrier Southwest allows you to book a flight from an app, and one more, Fandango will allow you to buy a movie ticket. The Pizza Hut one is the best though, as it truly uses the functionality of an iPhone to make the process entertaining.

best e-commerce “on the planet”? That'll be M-PESA in Kenya then. 8 million customers moving $350million per month can't be wrong.

Pretty nice topic. I am interested in mobile E-commerce Apps. Do you have any more information to share with us? Thank you.

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