CloudVox: Make calls & texts via your Rackspace Cloud Server

I’m a pretty big fan of Rackspace, ever since I turned to them to manage my dedicated servers years ago. I moved all my online activities to Rackspace’s new Cloud service about a year ago and I haven’t looked back. It’s been simply fantastic and I really enjoy not having to arse around with actual disks and physical aspects associated with servers (although I do use their Cloud Server facilities to spin up servers on-demand for some of the projects we have on the go).

I had a note through from Rackspace’s blog talking about their arrangement with CloudVox. I wanted to document that their service looks rather smart.

CloudVox enables you to create apps in any language & deploy them on their scalable Asterisk hosting platform. I simply love the concept of being able to knock up a voice & SMS service in a few seconds that scales. If you’re a little bit handy with code, you can be live in moments. Love it.

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