Enable your site to serve HTML5 video to iPhone, iPad & beyond

If you’d like to enable your site to serve HTML5 videos to the growing legions of users with super-fancy devices such as the iPad, iPhone and so on, then I very much recommend checking out the Longtail Video site’s HTML5 Beta Player. It not only delivers a lovely HTML5 experience, but it also falls back to the standard Flash player if you’re using an older browser. Nice.

Get the code — free (as it’s a beta) from Longtail Video.

If you need a hand with implementation, check out the source code on Mobile Developer TV to see how I’ve implemented it.

And if you’re reading this on an iPhone or iPad, here’s a video for you:

Download M4V Video | Subscribe to Podcast | Embed video

… And it’ll work in Flash too!

By Ewan

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