Has the iPad killed tablet innovation? Chris at SlashGear says yes!

I very much enjoyed this perspective penned by Chris Davies over at SlashGear:

How foolish I’ve been. Five months ago I wrote that tablets had come of age, and even sifted my way through the line-up cherry picking what must-have features would make for the perfect device. A month later, in the afterglow – or should that be aftermath? – of the iPad announcement, I marvelled that, while Apple’s slate wouldn’t necessarily satisfy every user, there was nonetheless plenty of choice on the horizon for those given a taste for tableteering. Our analyst contributors wisely told me not to count my touchscreen chickens before they’d hatched onto the market, but I wouldn’t listen. I thought the iPad’s arrival would rejuvenate the tablet segment, but all it seems to have done is killed off any attempt at innovation.

Carry on and read the rest of his post (then have a look at the iFans going nuts at his daring to criticise the JesusPad!)

By Ewan

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2 replies on “Has the iPad killed tablet innovation? Chris at SlashGear says yes!”

Quite amusing at the apple fans rabidly ripping into him for daring to criticise apple. Made me LOL, but he does make a few valid points though, it seems no matter how good the alternatives are in a lot of circumstances, if apple did it first, they get the credit, the plaudits and manage to stifle the progress of that market segment.

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