iPhone 4: 14 days to go!

I am enjoying o2’s marketing of the iPhone. I signed up for iPhone updates from them last week and I’ve already had two emails. They’re pitching it just right: It’s really interesting to see a mobile operator market in this manner.

The other day they sent over the price plans. Today they’ve sent me a link to some information about the MicroSim and they’ve even got some pictures to show me:

This kind of continual marketing process is definitely working to ensure I upgrade my existing 3G iPhone with o2. Good work o2!

By Ewan

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The new iPhone has the same size SIM as the iPad? Bloody NORAD! I hadn't seen that bit until now! This is beyond funny now…

Not so sure about that actually Ewan – plenty of people dissing the approach on twitter;

“OMFG! @O2 really are sending a stupid email every day! Just tell us everything – we're already pissed off as it is! #O2fail #iHateGuruJames”

David Thorp davejthorp
“@o2 if you think trickle feeding us pointless info is building a sense of anticipation you are wrong. It's just pissing people off #o2fail”

On the other hand; they are the only operator to have got their act together at all with regard to giving ANY information.

It's quite simple – if you don't like the emails then you un-subscribe from them, there is a simple un-subscribe mechanism in every O2 email, which allows you to opt out of a campaign or all emails from O2.

My main gripe with these people is that in order to get these emails you had to subscribe to it in the first place! These users went on to O2's website and clicked on a link that said – I'm interested send me more information.

It's not in O2's interest to send you one email with all the information you need, if you want to read it all then go to their website – its all their! These emails are about keeping people updated with all the information you need to buy your iPhone in 10 days time – if the phone was out now then I could understand them giving you all the information you need in a single email.

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