Samsung says Super-AMOLED better than Retina

I did a tweet on this subject yesterday but the link I retweeted stopped working so I’m posting it up here for posterity.

Blake over at IntoMobile picked up the news from Samsung that they reckon their Super-AMOLED screen is a heck of a lot better than Apple’s Retina Display for the iPhone 4.

IntoMobile reports:

A Samsung representative spoke to the Korean Herald, saying that quadrupling the resolution on the screen would only increase the clarity at most only three to five percent. They also said that this type of display is too power-hungry, draining it almost 30 percent faster than Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology.

Nice. Good to see a bit of discussion about the technologies. I like to see companies defending their technology because when one side (i.e. Apple) makes a claim, unless you’re a super-genius, the chances are you don’t know enough to make an informed opinion.

So you make best guess and assume that Steve’s right.

Whether he’s ‘right’ is very much down to your own opinion — but at least you can use the comments from Samsung to help make up your mind.

I’ve got this statement in from Nokia on the subject:

[ this space intentionally left blank ]

That’s right. I’ve seen f-ck all from Nokia on the matter of screens. Or anything else to do with the iPhone right now.

So whilst I reckon the N8 will be fantastic, I can’t really comment beyond that. And I’ve got no whizzy tech stuff from Nokia’s uber-handset device geniuses to shower upon you. Sorry.

Meanwhile for all the readers making a purchase decision right now as to whether to buy an iPhone 4, one of the super-cool Android phones or Nokia’s N8, I’ve got this message from Nokia:

[ this space intentionally left blank ]

That’s right. Whilst the wider market is busy obsessing over whether to get a Bada device, one of the new Android phones (X10 Mini Pro anyone?) or the almighty iPhone 4, there’s next to no defence coming about the N8. I know the device isn’t ‘out‘ for quite a while but you’ve gotta thing about all those Western customers with £600 handset subsidies burning a hole in their pocket.

Deep breaths, MacLeod.

Deep breaths.

(To be clear, I had a look on the Nokia Conversations site today, scanned the headlines looking for commentary about screens and anything relating to the iPhone 4/N8 comparisons going on across the world — and didn’t find anything. )

By Ewan

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5 replies on “Samsung says Super-AMOLED better than Retina”

4 x resolution = better screen sounds a lot like the argument that more megapixels in a camera = better.

We all know what a load of tosh that is, don't we kids?

I'm sure it will look lovely. But '4 times' as lovely as the AMOLED on the Nexus One I'm looking at now? Somehow I doubt it, but that's the marketing tagline and that's what will be in the public mind. apple = bestest screen. Another Job done 😉

It's pathetic! The iPhone had a huge delay in terms of screen resolution, it is just filled.

This is only communication for those who repeat everything Jobs says. This is nothing more than communication!

Nothing new here, Ewan, as usual. You like Apple, don't You ?


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