Sony Ericsson X10 Mini: The credit card sized Android wonder

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini

Well I have to say I’m a big, big fan of the X10 Mini. I simply loved the device when I came across it at Mobile World Congress back in February and now that it’s arrived in my hands, I can confirm it’s still fantastic.

To be clear, the device isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got massive hands and you can only just work a BlackBerry, then the X10 Mini might be a little too mini for you. But if you remember those ultra small Nokia devices from a few years ago — the 8200 series, I think — then the X10 Mini may get the juices flowing.

It’s an Android device featuring 3G HSPA and a 5 megapixel camera. It’s running on Android 1.6 (upgrade to 2.1 coming in a few months). It’s got a 2.6″ screen and it’s sized around the same dimensions of a credit card.

Here’s the Mini next to my Oyster card:

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini

I am supremely impressed that Sony Ericsson have packed so much functionality into such a small device. Back in February I predicted it would be a hit with women (think: handbags) and with chaps who wanted a full-featured but small phone to fit nicely into a jacket pocket.

If you’re a geek, it’s also perfect for the weekend. The Mini does everything your Nexus One or HTC Desire does — but in a super-small, convenient footprint. It’s the sort of device you’d take on holiday or away for the day when you don’t want to be troubled with a hunking lump of phone.

Writing on the phone is actually rather easy — the on-screen keyboard defaults to a T9-style entry system that will be immensely familiar. I got pretty quick after a few minutes of playing around typing. While I wouldn’t write essays on the Mini (as I often do on the BlackBerry 9700), the phone is perfect for quick communication. I really like the fact I can review all my incoming email, delete/archive/star stuff as necessary and access my calendar, contacts and so on, but from such a convenient and discrete form factor.

Here’s a vid I took showing it in action:

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I’ll post some more on the device soon. If you’ve any questions about it, just ask. Also, check out our X10 Mini flickr gallery.

By Ewan

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12 replies on “Sony Ericsson X10 Mini: The credit card sized Android wonder”

I saw this at MWC too, and also thought that it was brilliant. But what about device fragmentation — how many Android Marketplace applications will run on the X10 mini?

Jim, you make an important point. In downloading various apps, they all seem to work ok so far. Any suggestions for some shocking ones to try out?

Great video review! lots of detail and information not shown anywhere else I have looked.
Can't wait to see more of your impressions!

I cant seem to find my music which i put on my memory card on this phone, help please its driving me nuts!!!!!1

Where can I find the stuff I have put on my memory card? I can't find the settings for it

Went out and bought one of these after watching this video. Thought that it would be a good 'weekend' phone, but I've ended up leaving my HTC Desire in the drawer. This features and functionality for the size are amazing. I've installed Smart Keyboard Pro and the ADW Laucher, and while the screen size is very small, these work well, and I prefer the (very small) QWERTY keyboard to the stock T9 one.

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