Sony Ericsson X10 Mini: The credit card sized Android wonder

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini

Well I have to say I’m a big, big fan of the X10 Mini. I simply loved the device when I came across it at Mobile World Congress back in February and now that it’s arrived in my hands, I can confirm it’s still fantastic.

To be clear, the device isn’t for everyone. If you’ve got massive hands and you can only just work a BlackBerry, then the X10 Mini might be a little too mini for you. But if you remember those ultra small Nokia devices from a few years ago — the 8200 series, I think — then the X10 Mini may get the juices flowing.

It’s an Android device featuring 3G HSPA and a 5 megapixel camera. It’s running on Android 1.6 (upgrade to 2.1 coming in a few months). It’s got a 2.6″ screen and it’s sized around the same dimensions of a credit card.

Here’s the Mini next to my Oyster card:

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini

I am supremely impressed that Sony Ericsson have packed so much functionality into such a small device. Back in February I predicted it would be a hit with women (think: handbags) and with chaps who wanted a full-featured but small phone to fit nicely into a jacket pocket.

If you’re a geek, it’s also perfect for the weekend. The Mini does everything your Nexus One or HTC Desire does — but in a super-small, convenient footprint. It’s the sort of device you’d take on holiday or away for the day when you don’t want to be troubled with a hunking lump of phone.

Writing on the phone is actually rather easy — the on-screen keyboard defaults to a T9-style entry system that will be immensely familiar. I got pretty quick after a few minutes of playing around typing. While I wouldn’t write essays on the Mini (as I often do on the BlackBerry 9700), the phone is perfect for quick communication. I really like the fact I can review all my incoming email, delete/archive/star stuff as necessary and access my calendar, contacts and so on, but from such a convenient and discrete form factor.

Here’s a vid I took showing it in action:

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I’ll post some more on the device soon. If you’ve any questions about it, just ask. Also, check out our X10 Mini flickr gallery.

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