Tamoggemon release first Qt-based Symbian game, JezzBall

I had a note in from Tam Hanna of mobile developers, Tamoggemon, to tell me they’ve launched their first ever Qt-based Symbian game. This is one to remember — the first ever Qt-based game release that I’ve been sent. I hope it’ll be one of many.

The game is called BallZ and its a port of the evergreen JezzBall non-violent action game. It contains 30 levels and thanks to the UI, can be played without a stylus. Good, because I can’t stand using a stylus on anything.

What does Tam have to say? Here we go:

“We have always been strongly committed to Symbian as a platform. Working with Qt wasn’t always easy. Even though the development environment is fantastic, shipping apps was not possible so far.”

You’re not wrong Tam.

However Qt really promises a complete change for developers — if you haven’t checked it out, have a look at for more details.

BallZ has been submitted to the Ovi Store so you should expect to see it available for 3 Euro (or equivalent) soon. Also expect to see a free 5-level trial version.

Every success to the team at Tamoggemon!

By Ewan

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