Tesco’s iPhone 4 price plans are pretty good!

I have to say I’m consistently impressed with Tesco’s clear and straight forward iPhone pricing. I really do like how they’re pricing the device and the contracts. Whilst they’ve limited the options, I think this will make decisions for Tesco’s target consumer very, very easy.

Here’s the tariff structure:

Pay As You Go is nice and simple. Plonk down 569 pounds and you’ll have unlimited data (1GB) for 12 months, unlimited WiFi and a brand new 32GB iPhone 4. Since it’s PAYG you need to obviously pay for your call and texts — but Tesco will triple your credit. So spent £10 and you get £30 worth of calls and texts. Basically, if you don’t want the arse of a 24 month contract, this is one of the cheapest ways of getting hold of a 32GB iPhone 4. Indeed, if you’re planning on using your iPhone as a secondary device (like I do — the Bold 9700 is my primary phone), then Tesco’s PAYG option really is a super choice.

Of course, you need to bear the £569 pain up front for the 32GB or £479 for the 16GB version.

Alternatively, you can get Tesco’s help with subsidy on a 12-month contract. I have to say I’m rather attracted by the £45/month 24-month unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, unlimited (1GB) data and unlimited fair-use WiFi. The 8GB iPhone 3GS is free on that price plan and you’ll only have to stump up £99 for the iPhone 4 32GB.

And if you’re into collecting clubcard points, do take a look at Tesco Mobile.

I wonder how many people will be walking into Tesco to do their weekly shop and find themselves walking out with a PAYG iPhone 4? 😉

Just to be clear, PAYG won’t be offered by Tesco immediately so if you’re after an iPhone from Tesco, think contract at the moment. They’ll be offering that shortly and I’ll have more details soon about that date.

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