The FLO TV at breakfast

How does the FLO TV unit perform at breakfast? I thought I’d take it down to the super-large breakfast here at the Grand Hyatt in San Diego to explore the use of the pocket TV device out-and-about. I have to say it is rather cool being able to watch CNN while munching on your omlette. I did find my eye moving to the USA Today newspaper as well, but the FLO TV unit worked perfectly well with super image clarity. I kept the volume very low — on the edge of hearing — so I didn’t wind anyone else up. I did catch some admiring glances from the other guests. I think the device will be thoroughly useful for sports fans in particular, keen to keep up to date on their team’s status at all times. I can well believe the average owner of this unit views over 2 hours of footage per day (stat from the FLO TV team). I’ve got a video on it coming later today.

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