Video: Hands on with the £55 Orange Rio

Have a look at the £55 Orange Rio — a highly capable QWERTY device that’s sure to give the chaps at RIM a run for their money. Word has it that the device is selling very well on the High Street. I’m not surprised.

Here’s the video — and remember, if you’re viewing on an iPad or iPhone, the video will play right-away thanks to our gorgeous new HTML5 video support update.

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And if you’d like to see some more pics, here’s the Rio Flickr gallery I created.

By Ewan

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27 replies on “Video: Hands on with the £55 Orange Rio”

WOW! I am very impressed. Notice from the Orange Web site that it is a GPRS/2G phone. But I would like to think that Orange have optimised the settings and what have you to take this into account. IF, and I know it is a really big IF, you have the time could you do another video, or write up, of the email part of it in action?

Thank you Ewan!

Any word if LTE will be bringing the “rio” to the states as well? Having Opera Mini preloaded…what a plus. I imagine it would go over very well with our younger subscribers? Can you comment as to whether or not this is just GPRS or if it can be 3g and above?

LOL. Since the Blackberry came out all the phone companys are trying to copy the same style.
They should be more original.
Even Samsung is doing it…. :/
It's still a good phone.

wow!!! I thought I wanted an iphone but I'm put off by the completely touch screen nature.. this phone is brill thank you for such an awesome review..very thorough! I'm currently on the sony ericsson w595 which I only got in sept 09 and still like but the rio is calling me… bonus is that it comes in pink!

At least since this thing is almost the exact same shape (tiny bit thinner), it would still fit pretty nicely into most BB cases

does the phone come locked to orange??
its just that you said you put your iphone sim in it … was that an orange network??
please answer asap 🙂

hey just a quick question does it fit in a blackberry case because i have a rio but i wanted to order a case online so i cant see whether it fits or not thanks 🙂

yea same here i brought a case on Ebay for my Rio and it scratched the back of my Rio casing GRR.

Does this do Email like a blackberry? I need an update to my 7130g but push email is a must?

Hi i have a question.
When sending a text does the phone have a confirmation tone, if so can it be muted??
thank you

I this mobile phone. I am getting it for my 15th Birthday and can't wait. I would of got the blackberry last week but everyone has it.

you did not even no that it was touch screen until the end soo how long have you not noticed this

I'm Getting It For My Birthday On Sataday And I Was really Excited before This Video But Now I am Extatic Cuz I have found Out Loads Of Things About Orange Rio That I Didn't Know Thankyuu x 🙂

No I think It Is A Good Idea For People Who Don't Have Enough Money For Real Blackberrys Or teenagers That Can't Get Blackberys . 🙂

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