5-day iPhone/iPad developer camp, complete with Cajun food

Now then, do you have some programming experience, including a bit of C and C++? And maybe a bit of Objective-C?

And have you been looking for an opportunity to get stuck into properly developing applications for iPhone and iPad?

And do you like proper Cajun food?

Well then, perhaps the 5-day Tee-Boy Developer Camp is for you. It’s happening in late October and from the descriptions and menu, it looks like it might be rather useful for anyone wanting to swiftly assimilate the platform basics.

I had a look at the menu and apart from the seafood, it’s looking good.

I’m not familiar with the camp or the instructor but the write-up on their site, the menus and the syllabus looks pretty unique. Everything’s included for $2,995 — you just need to get yourself to Lafayette Regional Airport.

Imagine being immersed in highly technical topics in a relaxing and culturally rich setting. With your mind at ease, we believe you can learn better and absorb more, and that’s exactly why we’ve put together an unforgettable training package in the heart of Southwest Louisiana. It is here, in the peaceful quiet of the Cajun Prairie, that you’ll focus on learning, while we take care of everything else!

More information over at the Tee-Boy Developer Camp website.

By Ewan

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