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BlackBerry Protect is looking flippin’ brilliant

Right then I’ve been testing out the Beta of BlackBerry Protect, the company’s new consumer remote backup/wipe/locate service that’s coming soon. It’s absolute, absolute genuis.

Finally I get mission critical security facilities for my device. I love it!

I’ve made a screencast of the key tools working:
– View Device Current Location (using Bing — nice, stupendously accurate to 2.35m!)
– Loud Ring
– Display A Message
– Lock Device
– Wipe Device
– Remotely Backup/Restore Device

It’s utterly brilliant. It’s rather cool seeing it do things remotely too.

I used all the facilities during the screencast (except the wipe/lock commands — I wasn’t quite ready for that!)

Check out the screencast:

During the screencast you will see me send a ‘remote message’ to my device. Here’s what that looks like:

More news on BlackBerry Protect soon, as I get it.

By Ewan

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