Help: BlackBerry 8900 SMS thread display question

4AFB95BD-5D35-4904-A9D6-BB64F130AC4E.jpgI got this mail in from a reader today — are there any BlackBerry experts reading?

Have you any experience with blackberry 8900’s – specifically related to threaded messages?

One of our users has a Curve 8900 and on occasion (but not always) when he receives an SMS from one of his contacts it displays within the thread of an existing message. Tested with new messages this afternoon and couldn’t replicate but he’s retained the main threaded message for us to look at.

He’s using v5.0.0.411 (platform – the messages all appear in one thread, looks like the first text received becomes the master record and other messages from other contacts appear in the same thread and as though coming from the first person.

Any ideas?

I’m a bit handy with a BlackBerry — but I’ve never actually witnessed this issue. Has anyone else seen this? Any ideas?

By Ewan

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i have just got a blackberry 8900,(it came from hong kong) i am unable to find the pin number needed to set wifi,it has no options section so i can check status and find my pin number,it also has no applications section so i can`t do a reboot,i am thinking this is a clone phone,was just wondering if anyone had any ideas if there is anything i can do,thanks hayley

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