Help: Ed’s moving to Holland and needs your mobile recommendations


We need your help, especially the Dutch nationals reading.

Long time MIR reader, Ed Cave, is about to start a 6-month contract in Holland and thus needs to kit himself out with a mobile phone and/or mobile service plan for the country. Can you help?

Here’s Ed’s message:

Hi Ewan,

I’m moving to Amsterdam on a 6 month contract and I was wondering whether you or your readers had any advice/knowledge on the best mobile deals to get out there?

I’ve been to the Operators websites and unfortunately my dutch isnt quite up to tariff speed yet, I also know personal knowledge/recommendation is a lot better than a marketers sales material 🙂

I’m thinking sim only, cheap data and cheap texts to UK a bonus but I mainly need a good deal for texting/calling within Holland.

Any help much appreciated.

Hope you are well and enjoying being a father!


Any suggestions? Who do you recommend?

By Ewan

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Hi Ewan+Ed,

I just moved to Amsterdam with my family to take up a role with Layar. We are all using Vodafone in the office & I also put my wife on a SIM only plan for €22 a month, half price for 6 months including all you can eat data. It's working great for us.

I also don't speak Dutch and have no idea of the local offers, but with an office full of carrier neutral mobile geeks I was assured that this was the best plan going.

Excellent, thanks Matt.

Is that a month by month contract or one of these new 12 month SIM only plans? Being a Vodafone UK customer I might be able to find out some more info over here. Hopefully wont need to get my HTC Desire unlocked either.

Thanks again for the heads up

t-mobile is probably the cheapest although if you are only moving for 6 mths it probably doesnt make a huge difference. i just moved my wife from vodafone to blackberry with data (data free for 1st year) on 2 yr contract for 16,95.
feel free to give me a ring when you get to amsterdam. kritz [AT] acneuro DOT com

it's a 12 month contract with the first 6 months half price (€11) from memory its for 176 minutes per month, where each sms counts as a minute (inbound don't count – ie not a US type plan)

The network BEN has sim only from 3-16 euros pm. and is the highest rated company in the netherlands (MVNO of the t-mobile network) KPN is expensive and voda is considered a joke here in NL.

Thanks for all the advice everyone. I've found a long lost relative to stay with whilst I am there as well so will drag them round the various shops but its good to have a bit of knowledge before I get there!!

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