Help: Ed’s moving to Holland and needs your mobile recommendations


We need your help, especially the Dutch nationals reading.

Long time MIR reader, Ed Cave, is about to start a 6-month contract in Holland and thus needs to kit himself out with a mobile phone and/or mobile service plan for the country. Can you help?

Here’s Ed’s message:

Hi Ewan,

I’m moving to Amsterdam on a 6 month contract and I was wondering whether you or your readers had any advice/knowledge on the best mobile deals to get out there?

I’ve been to the Operators websites and unfortunately my dutch isnt quite up to tariff speed yet, I also know personal knowledge/recommendation is a lot better than a marketers sales material 🙂

I’m thinking sim only, cheap data and cheap texts to UK a bonus but I mainly need a good deal for texting/calling within Holland.

Any help much appreciated.

Hope you are well and enjoying being a father!


Any suggestions? Who do you recommend?

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