Hold off buying that iPhone 4: Hardware recall inevitable?

Cult of Mac is reporting that:

Apple will be forced to recall the iPhone 4 following Consumer Reports tests proving the “Death Grip” antenna issue is not software related, but a hardware flaw, PR experts say.

“Apple will be forced to do a recall of this product,” said Professor Matthew Seeger, an expert in crisis communication. “It’s critically important. The brand image is the most important thing Apple has. This is potentially devastating.”

Read on at the Cult of Mac.

Do you think a hardware recall is required? Or will a software fix be enough — along with a free plastic ‘bumper’?

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8 replies on “Hold off buying that iPhone 4: Hardware recall inevitable?”

Not going to happen, they're properly content with the “minor” issues with the phone

No, despite every ounce of common sense I have saying that they should recall it, I will go for the opposite and say that they will go for the following:

(A)Software fix
(B)Free Bumper
(C)Hold production to fix the issue and once fixed
(D)Carry on selling lorry loads of phones to happy customers

The only thing that I think would tip their hand is if this issue starts to effect the main stream, “nor mob” users. People like the “soccer mums” and “the guys down the pub”. If Apple start seeing people outside of the “tech blog” sphere returning their iPhone 4's, yes, then I can see the recall happening. Until then Apple will continue to shift these things in incredible numbers.

I have no idea! Is it? Really? I was under the impression, and maybe it came from reading to many posts by Apple fans, that it was very hard to replicate this problem in the real world without holding it rather hard/uncomfortably…

Top Gear's made a veiled reference. TechCrunch has picked it up. If the mainstream media lead with it, then it'll be on Fox News in no time — and straight into the soccer mom mindset

Yes I did rather like the Top Gear reference, especially given that Clarkson seems welded to his. But I felt the crowd laugh was a little “forced” shall we say. After all I would imagine that there were a fair few iPhone owners in the crowd. TechCrunch, yes, but I tend to ignore most of the output from that inconsequential outlet anyway. But as I said, and as your point makes clear as well, if this goes main stream, then, well, yes, recall time here we come.

As an aside, and given you have been to America so many times, would you say Fox News, or should I say, the Murdoch Group, are generally for or against the iPhone? I am well aware of their leanings in terms of the environment and other political issues!

I highly doubt they will recall all iPhone 4, that would be too expensive for them. May be they will just provide some free cases.
However, as far as this is not a software issue, I guess Apple will really solve this problem only in next iPhone.

I'll be shocked if they do a recall on this, I'd be more inclined to say that they do a software fix to try to look like they are doing something, and then last resort offer bumpers. It's a model that gets released yearly, they'll take their lumps and release again in a year… and unless Congress goes even more batshit insane then they are, there's no reason for them to force a recall (as it's not a safety issue.

Of course Congress spent millions of dollars interrogating baseball players about steroids, so who knows.

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