The Halifax Holiday Matchmaker tool is at your disposal

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Unruly Media and Halifax Bank.

And although it’s not strictly mobile based, I have to admit, I was particularly impressed at how Halifax have engineered the tool. So, we start with the premise that Halifax would like you to know about their travel money services. No problem. Their agency has come up with the idea of creating a Facebook app.

My initial response? Oh dear.

And when I heard what it does — “it’s a really clever destination matchmaker”, I did think ‘Oh dear’ twice. I clicked the link in the email and agreed to give access to my Facebook profile. And boom. Done.

“Congratulations Ewan,” the application reads, “You are an 80% match for Cairo!”

Well then…

The application read my profile, had a look at the stuff I’ve posted and determined that I’m an adventurous man. I like that. Here’s what it said:

Being the adventurous man you are, Cairo’s exotic culture will give you a real thrill, while exploring the famous souk with your partner will give you a real buzz! The thousands of years of history will make Cairo a truly memorable holiday destination.

It doesn’t stop there though. They’ve suggested a hotel I might like to consider (The Lotus Hotel). It’s a very reasonable $21.40 per night. I do appreciate the suggestion although I can be found more often at hotels where the WiFi charge is that per night. I’m not sure how my wife would react to very basic functional accommodation. Still…

The app also explains that a pint of beer is approximately £3, your average taxi fair is £3 and a horse drawn carriage ride is £32. Heh. The app has even suggested where I might eat, drink and reckons I might enjoy a trip to the Cairo Opera House.

And of course it’s even listed the weather in Cairo (28C, fair) and reckons I might enjoy Quantum Reality by Nick Herbert (“Unfortunately your book collection seems a little bare. Why not read this? After all Cairo is a long old way away!”) You know what, I actually looked it up on Amazon. It’s quite a good suggestion for me.

Just to test it out, I clicked on the other options at the bottom. I’m a 74% match for Las Vegas, it seems. And 74% for Chamonix. Although I don’t know about trying out Hydroglissing (“swimming through ice cold rapids with just a wetsuit, helmet and a floating device”).

Check out the Holiday Matchmaker tool and let me know what it selects for you?

I’d like to see a mobile app like this with a ton of different cities included. It’d be pretty cool to hit ‘next city’ or ‘next match’ and see what comes up.

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