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What’s the best SMS IT support alerting system?

What does everyone use to send SMS alerts to employees for things like server alerts, planned downtime, that sort of scenario? Do you go to an SMS provider, buy the credits and then make your own sending system (or hook in to their API)?

Or do you use the gateway provider’s sometimes rather rubbish system to send?

Or is there a really swish third-party system you recommend taking a look at?

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By Ewan

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We hook into Esendex's awesome API SMS system for our external website/web app alerting service. Here's a case study on our usage:

An accurate and reliable SMS alerting partner is absolutely critical to us because our customers rely on us to tell them immediately when their systems are slow or down.

I swear by an old Siemens MC35i with a simple script.

Also, we set it up so that if an admin was logged into the corporate IM then they got an IM instead of an SMS. Email alerts in all cases.

We’d get alerts (via IM and email) if the SMS system wasn’t working / sending / couldn’t talk to the GSM network etc.

This was all based on a heavily customised deployment of (multiple) Nagios servers.

My rational for doing the SMS in-house was that I just wasn’t comfortable outsourcing a key component of the infrastructure monitoring to someone else. I’d outsource the entire monitoring function or do it all in-house.

As a bonus, the corporate O2 plan has a free SMS deal so we didn’t have a per-message cost at all.

Hi Ewan! [shameless self promotion alert]
Mosio currently working with a few companies to help integrate into their systems from list management to direct sending and the ability for end users to reply. We’ve been told that our abilities to work directly with them in systems integration is better than the hassle of dealing with gateways (they have more control and automation).

Our clients use one line of code to hook into our backend SMS system. We provide the code for their developers, and our system provides all the connections in the US and Canada.

Our software has been in use with 2-way messaging since 2001 and clients include Equifax, Toyota, Kaiser Permanente, Entergy, Arizona Public Service, Portland General Electric Sydney International Airport, Brisbane International Airport, The Sydney Stock Exchange, etc.

One line of code to implement. That is it. Most customers are up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Giff Gfroerer
Regional Director, i2SMS

Another shameless self promotion…

We have just launched a new bulk SMS service in the UK ( which we hope will simplify SMS sending for the vast majority of user groups.
We are currently looking for beta testers to tell us whats hot and whats not with our system so we can make ongoing improvements for everyone. API and various other features will be released soon as well as international sending.

It would be great to hear everyones thoughts on our system and where we can improve to suit your needs. We're giving away free credits for new signups which can be extended for serious reviewers if necessary, just drop us a line at if your interested.

I've just signed up – looks really good. I noticed you don't yet have an api – is this something you are building as we need an api to hook into our CRM.

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