What’s the largest # of iPhones/iPads activated on an iTunes account?


Following on from my post the other day where I asked if anyone knew the limit of iPhone/iPad activations per iTunes account, it seems that reader MAQ_Ecosse has managed to activate 28 iPhones on one account.

In practice, that means that MAQ’s organisation only needs one iTunes account and — by definition — only has to pay for their applications once.

I’m wondering if anyone else has managed to activate more than 28 iPhones? Is there a limit?

There’s surely some serious implications to be addressed in the context of licensing? If you’re a developer, you surely don’t want your £0.59 app to be purchased once by a big FTSE and then distributed across 5,000 of their iPhones or iPads? You’d obviously rather have £0.59 x 5,000 right?

How do big companies handle iPhone, iPad and iTunes accounts?

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