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What’s the largest # of iPhones/iPads activated on an iTunes account?


Following on from my post the other day where I asked if anyone knew the limit of iPhone/iPad activations per iTunes account, it seems that reader MAQ_Ecosse has managed to activate 28 iPhones on one account.

In practice, that means that MAQ’s organisation only needs one iTunes account and — by definition — only has to pay for their applications once.

I’m wondering if anyone else has managed to activate more than 28 iPhones? Is there a limit?

There’s surely some serious implications to be addressed in the context of licensing? If you’re a developer, you surely don’t want your £0.59 app to be purchased once by a big FTSE and then distributed across 5,000 of their iPhones or iPads? You’d obviously rather have £0.59 x 5,000 right?

How do big companies handle iPhone, iPad and iTunes accounts?

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6 replies on “What’s the largest # of iPhones/iPads activated on an iTunes account?”

What i have managed to do with parents iPhones:

Purchased my own apps with my iTunes account
Log into my iTunes account on their device and download apps that i have paid for
They still have their own iTunes accounts to buy their own apps
This seems to work fine for them

dont see why not, does not prompt to advise that you can only download x amount of times 4 different iPhones activated on different accounts and i have installed apps on them with my own iTunes account with no issues.

There is no reason why a company would not be able to do this and purchase apps and advise people to download it with their credentials.

I work for a training company that uses iPads for our curriculum. We have successfully synch’d 55 iPads to one iTunes user account.

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