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Just arrived: The Samsung Galaxy S

The rather swanky Samsung Galaxy S device has just arrived. Ben Smith over at The Really Mobile Project is loving his, commenting last night that, “It’s ridiculously fast!”

So fast, that Ben has started reaching for his Galaxy first, before his BlackBerry, to check email and so on. Interesting! I’m going to check it out and see what I think. Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

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By Ewan

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Does the battery last longer than a day??? Unlike the lovely designed but useless tocco ultra light.


I have had major issues with the GPS on my Galaxy S. Sometimes, it works great. Other times it can never find my location. Here I am driving in Atlanta on a sunny day, trying to get to a meeting, and the entire way my Galaxy S GPS is reporting “seaching for location”. I would say the GPS is working less than half the time. Maybe a software glitch with Google Navigation talking to the GPS chip?

Are you experiencing like problems?

Other than that, Galaxy S has been superb.


James and Ewan,

Battery lasts the whole day if you are not on it for a few hours with calls and searching the net. If you call for around three to four hours a day, it will be spent. GPS, when working, will suck it dry in a few hours. You need to have the car-charger if you want to use it as a GPS navigation device.

Yesterday, a day where I had three long 1 hour conference calls, it was dead by 4pm.

However, for a day to day phone, normal use, you will get a day out of it. If it is your primary communication device, and you are on your phone all day long, better have a charger with you.

A plus is that it charges to full fairly quickly…under an hour or so.


Anyone else think that its just a bit lightweight and plasticky next to the HTC Desire & iPhone 4? I agree with everyone else that the screen is stunning and it is very fast, it just feels a bit cheap!

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