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Mobile App = iPhone

How depressing. I was walking along the road yesterday and came across this Hamptons sign for a (no doubt) highly overpriced property in Marlow. You’d have seen me visibly wilt as I saw the new addition to the Hamptons signs:

It reads, “Find me on the Hamptons app for iPhone”, complete with a nice little helpful graphic. What this sign is also saying is, “Don’t find me on your Nokia phone.”

Or, if I can take that a little further, it’s saying, “You can’t afford this property if you’ve got a Nokia. Or a Samsung. Or anything else.”

The actual reality is that it’s most probably lazy mobile strategy — the head of mobile for Hamptons will have evaluated other platforms and gone with the ‘safe’ (read: Easy) option. Everything else has issues.

What really concerns me is that it’s going to be years before this viewpoint shifts. Years.

It’s great to see the market moving to embrace mobile. It’s just a shame the little ad isn’t highlighting the Hamptons mobile web site too (that all phones can see).

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Actually, what is more depressing is that they are saying – we couldn't be bothered to make a nice scalable website that integrated loads of nice mobile features. That is why I get a little annoyed with apps that should just be a well written website!

estate agents in the main haven't even adopted SMS yet… can lead a vertical sector to water….

On the subject of apps, yes it is quite concerning.

But the other market players should’ve seen the App Store coming. Apple didn’t launch it until a year after the first iPhone, which was around the time when the iPhone 3G was brought to market.

And today, those same players are *still* struggling to provide for a viable app ecosystem.

…or they could have come to Grapple and got an app that worked on all the platforms for the same development time and approximately the same cost as just the i Phone app.

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