Ankit From Micello Wins The Appnation Conference Pod Competition

Congratulations to Ankit Agarwal. He was one of 7 mobile developers who entered the Appnation Conference Pod competition.

Ankit wins a Pod (like a small booth/stand) at the Appnation Conference from where he will be able to show off his applications to the influential crowds of developers, analysts, media and business people attending the event. There’s also some event tickets including the opportunity to go along to the Appnation evening reception.

Ankit’s company, Micello is Google Maps for inside buildings. Really, really useful for big shopping malls, exhibition halls, Government buildings, that sort of thing.

So congratulations Ankit!

I’m going to contact Ankit to verify that he can attend — in the event that he can’t, I’ll do another random draw on the spreadsheet. Meanwhile I’m going to see if there’s any other possibilities with the Appnation team for those who didn’t win. Standby!

By Ewan

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