Sony Ericsson X10 range will get Android 2.1

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini

I was pleased to hear that Sony Ericsson are shortly about to issue an update to their X10 range. The X10 itself will — as Android Central reports — pick up some rather nifty benefits as a result including 720p video recording with continuous autofocus.

What I’m most pleased about, though, is the news that the X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro devices will also get 2.1 (over-the-air) which will make them them the most powerful Android phones in that form factor. And make no mistake, it’s a very popular form factor with a lot of users.

(More on the X10 Mini Pro shortly, I’ve been testing that for some time.)

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I’ve been using an X10 Mini Pro for 6 weeks and really like it. I’m delighted to hear that it’s getting an update. My main current beef is that it won’t download its phone book to my S-E HC-150 car hands-free. Most annoying as it works with my “old” S-E W980.

the reason is that android 1.6 doesnt support bleutooth u need a market install for that (bluetooth file transfer)

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