Symbian’s stupid high hat thingy: Dump it today!


Every time I see someone write Symbian^3 or Symbian^4, I wince.

I wince because nobody outside the Symbianzone has a damn clue what the sodding ^ means.

Yet another branding problem with Nokia and Symbian.

Come on chaps? What’s wrong with ‘Symbian 3’?

Someone did tell me what the ^ or ‘stupid high hat thingy’ as my friend Richard refers to it means. I listened. And I thought it was stupid.

By all means, have your geeky fun, Symbian. But when you go out to the general marketplace, using the ^ alienates folk ever-so-slightly.

Can someone tell Symbian to sort this?

Update: To my slight embarrassment (in my defence, I couldn’t remember..), James in the comments reminded me that the high hat thingy means ‘to the power of’. The knowledge from those maths lessons decades ago is slowly returning. Symbian-to-the-power-of-3? What the hell does that mean? Its fine on it’s own, I suppose, but not when Symbian-to-the-power-of-4 comes along. What’s that mean? To the power of four what? Symbian x 4? Nonsensical. Symbian Cubed… yeah. I get that. Or Symbian Squared. Yeah. Dump it.

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