Why doesn’t iPhone Bluetooth work in my Clio

Got this in from long term reader, Ed, this morning:

Yo dude,

I’m sitting with a colleague who’s asked me the question above. Her iphone says it’s not compatible with the bluetooth in a 2010 Renault Clio. I thought BT worked with everything these days (I thought that was its axiomic remit) yet in her car it says ‘iPhone will not work with this accessory’ (or something to that effect). Why is this?

Not sure whether you know the answer, whether it’s obvious or whether it’s a question for the MIR masses…



Well I’m not surprised Ed, Apple’s viewpoint on standards is flexible at best. Has anyone else had this kind of issue? I bet a Nokia would work with it…

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On the other hand apples implementation of bluetooth is terrible! Simple things like wanting to send pictures from my iPhone to my wifes sony – somthing i took for granted on my nokia – is a total no go as iPhone does not implement data transfer :S

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