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Would you have a Samsung Galaxy for £22/month?


Michael at MobileBurn highlights a tweet from o2 Germany pointing out that the all new Samsung Galaxy Tab Android tablet will hit the network in October costing €99 up front with a €27.50 contract.

If you translate those prices directly to sterling, that equates to £82 up front and £22 per month. Now I reckon the o2 UK prices will be slightly in advance of that, but at this level, could you see yourself picking one up soonish?

Or no? Too much of a gimmick? Far too happy with your iPad?

I wonder how the operator subsidy is going to change the market dynamics. I think there’s a lot more people who’d be clamouring for an iPad if it was £49 or £99 up front with a monthly contract, rather than around 500-700+ pounds straight on the credit card.

By Ewan

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11 replies on “Would you have a Samsung Galaxy for £22/month?”

Prefer to buy up front, use wifi and PAYG/Mifi when necessary. Oranges appalling central London service over the last two weeks has made me realise what a poor deal contract is financially and as a lock in. After 15 years with them (had a original digital handset in 94) it's time to buy the handset and get PAYG. Been using and iPad like this for 3 months on 3 and it's great

Start a campaign to put the effective APR on contract phones – scare the pants off the general public.

After a search of the UK market I could not find a straight price for it. As others have mentioned, were I in the market for this, it really would have to purchase it outright. Buying something like this, locked in, what with the way Android updates are rolled out. No. Outright or not at all. But I can see how that deal might appeal to a lot of people.

Is it just me that can't see the point in all these gadgets having a monthly cost? There's no way in hell I'd take on an extra mobile account just for a tablet or a laptop. Maybe I'd think differently if there were any 3G coverage anywhere I go, but as it stands it's just a total waste of money.
On the samsung tablet specifically, the rumoured non-subsidised prices look like a total joke. I guess we're 2 or 3 years away from mainstream pricing on these things yet.

I think there's a lot of people who just love the fact they get the device 'free', Chris. Even when it actually works out so much more expensive over the contract.

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