LG UK’s sense of humour: Good to see

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During the day on the Windows Phone 7 launch, Joe over at the official LG Blog was having a bad day.

That’s because he indadvertedly leaked details of LG’s hot new Optimus 7 line-up (which, by the way, are looking rather nice). Turns out as Joe explains, he failed to notice the timezone on the publish date was EDT not BST.

Woops. I’ve done it before myself.

Alas it was too late for Joe as the LG Optimus 7 news percolated across the internet.

I don’t actually think there was much damage done at all, given that the media was beside itself trying to track 10 different device launches as well as the WP7 announcements.

Joe from LG has posted a public confession with a brilliant GIF animation featuring a replay of his reaction to realising he’d got the timings incorrect. Do take a moment to visit and watch it!

You can see it here.

I wouldn’t worry Joe — excellent recovery!

By Ewan

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