LG’s Optimus 7 range is looking nice

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What a difference a few years makes, eh? 2 years ago I was going nuts at the LG Renoir launch, dismayed by the built-in limitations of the phone’s proprietary operating system yet delighted at the phone’s brilliant specifications.

Sort out the operating system and all of a sudden, the devices get a lot more interesting.

I’m not surprised, of course, to see LG participating in the Windows Phone launch today — after all, the company has been very vocal about it’s support for the beast that is Microsoft.

LG is releasing two key devices under the Optimus range — the Optimus 7 and the Optmius 7Q (the major difference is the built-in QWERTY-keyboard and a slightly smaller screen).

I haven’t had ‘hands on’ with the Optimus but it’s looking good. I’m particularly keen to try out the integrated DNLA technology and ‘Play To’:

With Play To, the DLNA-based multimedia sharing technology available only on LG Optimus 7 devices, users will have the most user-friendly file-sharing experience. LG is leading the innovation of DLNA technology by offering easy and intuitive settings for accessing this feature.

Play To lets users share multimedia files with other digital devices from the picture, video or music Hubs without having to access other menus. Users will be able to display videos and photos captured on their LG Optimus 7 or LG Optimus 7Q on a TV or enjoy music on their phones through their favourite speakers without wires.

Here’s the 7Q:


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