S^y^m^b^i^a^n^3: GAHHH


I just wanted to point out again, just how irritating the ‘Symbian^3’ text branding is. Utterly, utterly annoying. Can people please stop putting the power sign in when they’re writing about Symbian? Can we all just call it ‘Symbian 3’ like any normal person might?

I know this isn’t strictly accurate, given the multitude of revisions the OS has gone through, however it’s just about the stupidest thing you could possibly do when you’re trying to reach mild mannered consumers accustomed to beautiful branding.

It’s far too inaccessible for the masses.


Ok, actually, Symbian.3 is ok for me. That works.

Let’s please try and use something that doesn’t immediately alienate folk?

By Ewan

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is it worse than yahoo! or NeXT? Perhaps the worst was Fiat who called the Punto a Punto,, with a full stop after the name. Try writing a sentence with that. They soon dropped it.

Wow. THAT’s the problem with Symbian…ok, sure, whatever. Instead of investigating the numerous strengths and glaring weaknesses of the latest edition of this mobile OS that millions of people still use despite all the (often deserved) hype surrounding iOS and Android, just go ahead and criticize Symbian’s use of a caret in its version system and dismiss it.

Glad I’m not *paying* for such great “journalism.”

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