Another small service I want from my operator

Now then. I do a Google Search for the keywords, “marlow weather”, right? It’s the same search I’ve been doing for weeks. But I do it on my BlackBerry running on Vodafone.

My mistake.

What does Google do? It assumes I mean “Marlow, OK, USA”, rather than the UK town.

Every other search I’ve done this week has been from a UK IP-connected device. So Google assumes Marlow UK and presents me the results. Except when I search from a Vodafone IP.

Rubbish. Come on Vodafone. Either you need to have a wee chat with Google and do some decent location context integration (hint: I’d pay more for a ‘Google enhanced data service) or you need to supply your IP address ranges to Google so they can do it themselves.

Cash wise, if you can guarantee me an accelerated, prioritised and enhanced Google service, I’d pay something like 2-5 quid extra per month. 5 quid if you chucked in support for a lot of other popular key services like Facebook and Twitter.

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Because the ‘answer’ you’ve proposed as a simple solution wouldn’t work. IP addresses aren’t that a reliable way to lookup location data, you have specifically queries the global instance of Google (not the UK-specific one) and you’d scream even more loudly if you were travelling and couldn’t coax anything but UK weather data out of Google.

Right tools for the right job. Ask a question in a global context, get a global answer.

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