LogMeIn Ignition is £11.99 ’til 4th Jan!

I’m a huge, huge fan of LogMeIn Ignition, the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad application that lets you control your PC/Mac remotely. Almost every computer I own is hooked up to LogMeIn so I can access it wherever I am. When I was in Hong Kong and Miami recently, I used the facility daily.

Yes I’ve got DropBox and Gmail and most of my stuff is in the cloud — but often I need to get back to my computer to do stuff. For example, I’ve got one Mac Pro dedicated to producing video. That one I need to get to regularly to export videos with different titles and so on when I’m out-and-about or abroad. Genius. The service has got me out of a number of fixes. It even works on 3G — although I always set the colour resolution to black/white for the fastest service if I’m not on WiFi.

It’s a piece of simplicity to use from the iPhone (although since I have 2x 27″ monitors on my two key machines, there’s a lot of zooming about involved). The iPad version is even nicer to use.

LogMeIn itself is a freemium service. You can use it free. You’re obviously encouraged to upgrade to some of their premium plans. I’ve got one computer upgraded but the rest are just on the free service. Perfectly fine.

So you need a LogMeIn account first. Then to use the iOS app, you need to buy it. That’s where there’s a bit of a sting. The app is a whopping £17.99.

Fair enough though given the basic service is free.

But until January 4th, you can pick up the app for £11.99. Be quick.

You’ll be amongst friends too — it’s a hugely popular app and thanks to the price tag, it’s Apple’s #3 top-grossing app of 2010.

Download here: iTunes link, £11.99

Here's LogMeIn Ignition working on the iPad

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