MIR favourite ZumoDrive about to be snapped up by Moto?

I read with no small amount of excitement on TechCrunch earlier today that Motorola is reportedly close to acquiring Zecter, the company behind the awesome ZumoDrive. I first wrote about them back in January 2009 — almost two years ago (“ZumoDrive is going to change everything“) and since then I’ve been a paying customer. I also got the opportunity to meet some of the talented team too.

ZumoDrive is brilliant because it enables your device (mobile, laptop, desktop) to use the virtual ZumoDrive filesystem without having to have the data specifically located on the device. So, for instance, I have 10gigs of MP3s that I keep on the ZumoDrive system and access when I need them via the iPhone. I just stream the files via ZumoDrive when necessary. I don’t have to keep the data physically on the phone. Although I’ve only got 10gb in this example, I could just as well have 500gb. It doesn’t matter.

Leena from TechCrunch reports:

We hear that the deal will close this year and will likely be the last acquisition before Motorola Mobility, which is comprised of Motorola’s Mobile Devices and Home businesses, and Motorola split into two divisions in January. According to sources, Motorola Mobility will be the entity that will be absorbing Zecter.

I’m keen to see what Motorola does with the company. It could certainly help differentiate the Motorola consumer mobile offerings rather dramatically — e.g. buy a Motorola and access ever piece of digital content you own via the MotoZumo service. Something like that.

Congratulations to the Zecter team!

By Ewan

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