Motorola: “The iPad? It’s a giant iPhone”

Right then the Tablet marketplace is beginning to get a lot hotter. With Samsung shipping over a million of their Galaxy Tabs in recent days, the spotlight turns to Motorola.

Have a look at this rather swish video from the team at Motorola. It’s rare to see a manufacturer actually reference other products and services in their marketing (or, pre-marketing), but it’s the way ahead. It gives an air of authenticity — that there’s some confidence amongst the Motorola team that they’ve got something worth looking at.

Time will tell

Meanwhile I like the video. I like what they’ve done with the ‘evolution’ theme. It certainly left me looking for more.

Have a watch:

The whole concept behind the video is the message that ‘our tablet is running Android that’s made for the tablet’ (as apposed to the Tab).

All will be revealed in a glorious and no doubt well attended CES launch early next month. Not long at all.

This will certainly get the cat amongst the pigeons in the tablet market. We definitely need a bit more choice and competition. We should also be seeing the PlayBook from BlackBerry in the next few months too. Bring it on.

Looking forward to a Motorola tablet?

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4 replies on “Motorola: “The iPad? It’s a giant iPhone””

Motorola knows their hardware, that is for sure. The question is, what software platform will they use?

I definitely haven’t made any calls from my iPad and I haven’t created any presentations with my iPhone. Whilst the look & feel of the interface is very similar, the ergonomics mean that they have completely different uses and product value. Apple should be aplauded for taking the touch tablet mainstream, something that Microsoft has been trying to do unsuccessfully for years. Motorola should focus on the needs of their potential customers rather than denigrating the competition. Hopefully their evolution of the tablet will reflect this rather than just be another me to.

That’s a great ad from Motorola and a bold statement.

What is interesting is that they are assuming that consumers already inherently understand the differences between the smartphone and tablets forms and that consumers understand that different technical requirements are needed (ie the OS).
What we at Mobixell are also finding is that for content consumption, especially ‘bandwidth heavy’ content such as video, different technical requirements are needed at the operator end to deliver it efficiently for each different device.

I’m not sure that the operators inherently understand this yet in the same way that Motorola assumes consumers do.

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