Advertising in a hyper-connected real-time world: Oh dear…

If you’re into mobile advertising in terms of work or just general interest, I strongly recommend you check out the latest post from Jonathan MacDonald. He explores the current way much of the advertising/marketing world works and goes on to contrast this with the brave new world of direct, real-time communication that’s evolving between brands and consumers.

Of course, mobile is one of the mediums that is enabling this brave new world. What does it mean for the marketing message, the approach, the mediums and the management thereof? See what Jonathan reckons.

A future where one-to-one marketing is commonplace is going to be really, really fascinating. And mobile is going to play a critical part. Nice work Jonathan!

By Ewan

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2 replies on “Advertising in a hyper-connected real-time world: Oh dear…”

Without a universal cookie on mobile devices, display advertising on mobile will struggle. Remember big budget flows from the agencies, and they don’t like the chaos that exists int he mobile space. Once Google manages to develop a universal cookie, convergence will start to happen across online and mobile display.., Never mind the fluffy brand BS – mobile will be all about performance

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