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Belgium Operator Mobistar gets punk’d (well, the Belgian equivalent)

Thanks to reader Phil who brought this one to my attention.

Mobistar, I’m reliably informed, had a pretty poor reputation when it came to customer service. You know the type of service — transferred from pillar to post with no one bothering to help. I’m pretty sure we’ve all experience something like this from our mobile operators.

Well, the team behind Belgian TV show Basta decided to get their own back. They had a storage container delivered to the front of one of Mobistar’s offices in the early morning. Inside the trailer were the show’s crew. On the outside was a phone number. The Mobistar’s office security team, astonished to find entrance to their building blocked at 5am, called the number.

And that’s when the fun began. The poor security guard was mercilessly subjected to the best examples of call centre inefficiencies, courtesy of the talented Basta crew. Heh.

The clip below comes with helpful English subtitles. Heh.

Although I don’t speak the language, I feel the poor guy’s frustration…!

You can read all about the reaction to the episode of Basta on their site. (If you’re using Chrome, you’ll automatically get a pretty good English translation)

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5 replies on “Belgium Operator Mobistar gets punk’d (well, the Belgian equivalent)”

Genius. Couldn’t happen in the UK though – police would detonate the container as a terrorist plot within 20 minutes.

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