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Deltenna WiBE boosts 3G signal 40x — the ultimate MiFi unit?

Detenna WiBE

We’ve had a note in from the team at Deltenna to tell us about their newest gizmo, the Deltenna WiBE. Or, in other words, the ultimate MiFi unit known to man. At least, it looks that way. I know that Ewan actually saw one of these working last week and all things being equal, we might have one to play with here at the MIR office soon.

The news release we got in today from Deltenna reports that recent 3G network testing undertaken in Cumbria and the Lake District has been very successful. So much so that for one news organisation, it may end the days of satellite vans. The WiBE device managed to increase 3G coverage 40x better than a standard MiFi device.

The signal was reportedly so reliable that it was able to deliver a continuous network connection good enough to deliver a continuous high-quality voice stream. So instead of having to drag a satellite van wherever you go, you could theoretically hop in your car, arrive on scene and contribute your report from a microphone plugged into your laptop running on your WiBE.

The trial with the WiBE proved that audio broadcasting, even in the most isolated of places such as Whinlatter Forest, is possible via 3G. (Literally the middle of nowhere – Google map) Independent tests were carried out using a MiFi device and the Deltenna WiBE with software similar to Skype but with better audio clarity. The result is a success — so much so that the news organisation will be using WiBE routinely.

Let’s get to some key points.


The WiBE extended mobile broadband coverage range into the remote forest of Whinlatter, where the MiFi device failed to register any signal. Not only did the Deltenna high-gain technology increase signal strength immensely, it also maintained average connection speed of 136KB/s, which exceeds the necessary minimum broadcast speed. Excellent.


The longest recorded connection range was from a 3G base station located an impressive 22.9km (14.2 miles) away. Deltenna claims the proprietary antennas and algorithms give WiBE a throughput up to 30x that of a 3G USB dongle or mobile phone and 5x the connection range. The largest recorded RF signal strength difference was 22dBm, meaning the power reaching the WiBE was over 100 times that of the MiFi.

How it works

WiBE acts as a WiFi hotspot just like a MiFi device, but is nothing like your usual 3G dongle. The WiBE utilises four directional antennas and signal isolation algorithms to enhance the fastest signal in range.

Let’s have a comment from Dr Andrew Fox, CEO of Deltenna:

“Reliability is crucial in live broadcasts as the listener will instantly spot when technology has failed. The results, especially the 14 mile connection, highlight the increased range that WiBE delivers and its potential to bring broadband to a greater proportion of rural locations.”

The Potential

Deltenna’s WiBE technology provides an opportunity for businesses, especially when reliable broadband is needed in rural locations. It has developed solutions for a wide variety of wireless standards, including GSM, WCDMA, WiMAX and WiFi. Its technology is deployed throughout the world and has been adopted by multiple mobile operators to test 4G systems based on LTE.

We’ll definitely need to get one in the MIR office and see just how good it is.

8 replies on “Deltenna WiBE boosts 3G signal 40x — the ultimate MiFi unit?”

Good stuff!

I can certainly come up with several applications for this sort of thing — not just in rural locations, but inside buildings where a mobile signal can be just crap.

Just unsure about the power levels (radio waves) this thing requires. Wouldn’t want to be sitting right next to it.

have one of these live in rural lincolnshire, no 3g signal using a standard dongle, stable 2mb connection using the wibe. Just ordered a second one for another rural project.

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