How big is your flatscreen TV and do you have one in the kitchen?


Yup, this one’s off topic. But I need your help. Am I behind the times?

Writing the Nokia N8/Big Screen post just now prompted me to think about my television situation.

I only own one television. It’s a rubbish 32″ Poloroid from 2007 that’s got such bad sound that I had to buy a set of those JBL Creature speakers for it. [If you’d like to know why I’ve got a shit television, I point you in the direction of my wife. Explanation here.]

I was talking with some chaps yesterday about flatscreen TVs. It’s not something I’ve given much thought to recently. Indeed ever since my wife and I got together, we’ve not bothered buying a new TV beyond ‘that’ one. We hardly ever watch real-time television and the baby has kept us focused on sleep rather than entertainment.

However I was astonished to find that one chap owned 5 flatscreen TVs. He has a 50″ in the ‘living room’ and even has a 40″ in the kitchen.

In the kitchen?

The other chap nodded away as though this was normal. Turns out they both have 40″ and 50″ TVs all over the house. Their 7 year old even has a 40″ in the bedroom!

I think I’ve missed something.

I obviously spend a LOT of money on computers and and mobile phones. Perhaps that’s why?

At Christmas I went home to my parents to find my 23 year old brother (who still lives with them) had just taken delivery of a 60″ flatscreen TV. It’s ridiculously big. He doesn’t even have enough wall space to hang it so it’s sat on the floor.

The more I think about it, the more I recognise I actually consume much more video content on my iPhone or my computers rather than via television.

But tell me about you. Have you got a 40″ flatscreen in the kitchen? Is this normal for people? Or just a small subset of folk? Am I the television equivalent of what I continually refer to as a ‘normob’ (“normal mobile user”) in mobile parlance?

If that’s the case, what should I have?

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15 replies on “How big is your flatscreen TV and do you have one in the kitchen?”

My wife and I actually spent the first 2 years of our marriage without a TV at all – save for a small 21-inch CRT hooked up to a DVD player that was rarely used. We watch everything on our laptops. I actually rather enjoyed our livingroom more back then – it’s nice to have a room where the furniture faces each other, rather than all pointing to an ominous black panel.

Last Thanksgiving, we finally broke down and bought a 46-incher for the livingroom. It’s been nice, but we only really watch movies on it, perhaps 3-4 hours of TV per week, depending.

I actually honestly prefer to come home and put on some music to watching TV anymore – it’s much more relaxing. I can’t imagine having a tv in the kitchen – it seems horribly redundant.

I still have a CRT in my living room (big, don’t know how big) which is normally on though we’re both staring at either a laptop, an iphone or the galaxy tab…. kitchen doesn’t have one and though there’s a tv in the bedroom, it’s not even plugged in to the wall.

Finally upgraded the only tv in the house to a nice 50″ Panny 3D plasma, which should last us many-a-year (we hope!). No tv anywhere else (esp. not in the bedroom), though we do have a plethora of desktops, laptops, phones and (soon to be at least one) tablet, which means we’re never far from streaming tv / videos from the web / the NAS.

Just do what I did – tell her that Glee / Ugly Betty / Greys Anatomy / etc looks MUCH better in HD on a 50″!

We only have 1 TV, it’s a flat panel 32in in the den. We don’t have any TV’s in the bedrooms. Never have never will. I’m like you I guess a NorTV user. Are we the Palm Centro users of the TV world???

1 old 27″ or 30″ screen, some unknown make and we are watching it only on days starting with “a” and “n”, i.e. almost never. A few hours a year – max.

I’m not a great fan of that beastly thing – eats up a lot of time and adds no value. Although it may be because I’ve got too many iDevices in the house…

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