Forbes picked up my NFC piece

Thanks to Parmy Olson over at Forbes who picked up my NFC/Apple piece the other day.

Here’s what Parmy quoted:

For now, however, Nokia has to endure with the sort of NFC-hype it has never been able to generate, despite its best efforts to invest in the technology.

Ewan over at Mobile Industry Review says that “once Apple integrates NFC into their devices, it will be game over for every other provider in the marketplace.” He points out that it doesn’t matter if there are a good few billion people in the world who will never be able to afford an iPhone — they are outside the United States. And while Apple isn’t commenting on its reported NFC plans, Ewan expects that the commentary from Richard Doherty, director of consulting firm Envisioneering Group, in Bloomberg’s news report today was, one way or another, authorized by Apple.

via Mobile Payments: How Apple Could Steal A March On Nokia. Again. – Parmy Olson – Disruptors – Forbes.

By Ewan

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One reply on “Forbes picked up my NFC piece”

Gareth, I’ve been watching the story with interest — just, I haven’t felt
that I wanted to write about it. It’s a strange one, I know — it is
obviously deserving of attention. I’ve just heard about so many operators
doing trials like this that don’t actually go anywhere. I have a particular
problem with Orange launching things that don’t ever get proper traction.

If, for example, Everything Everywhere had come to market explaining that
every one of France Telecom’s x-hundred-million customers were going to be
NFC-enabled within 24 months, I’d be rather excited. If FT decided to say,
‘you know what, your device is free of charge and so is your service plan if
you spend 300 pounds per month via our NFC/Barclaycard/Mastercard service’,
then… then I’d be sitting up excited.

Right now I think — perhaps wrongly — it’s a wait-n-see one. I’ll drop
them a note and ask for some more information soon.

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