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Mobile Roadie or AppMakr or…? Who do you recommend as providers for the MIR 3.0 app?

Right then I think it’s about time I deployed a series of apps for Mobile Industry Review.  We do have a first generation app built by the very talented Pavel — however it’s only available in the UK Apple App Store and it’s only available for iPhone. And it’s quite old now. Almost two years, I think.

So I think it’s time to test out some of the automatic application creation services such as Mobile Roadie and AppMakr. Both those services will enable me to deploy a MIR iPhone, Android and BlackBerry app — and in the case of AppMakr, Windows Phone 7 too.

Who should I choose though?

Who do you recommend?

By Ewan

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14 replies on “Mobile Roadie or AppMakr or…? Who do you recommend as providers for the MIR 3.0 app?”

If you want to target all 3, and do something more “native”, you should think about appcelerator mate. You will need to learn a bit of Javascript though, but it is very powerful, and quick to develop in.

Ok. Just did a test run with AppMakr.

Right now, I couldn’t find any other way to design my app than the one which prompts me to distribute via Apple’s AppStore. That’s definitely *not* what I would want.

When it comes to music business, artists should be able to get a straight way for distributing their app. They will want to distribute the app for free to their fans. They will want to distribute it directly without any AppStore as a middle man (maybe even not approving the app). It’s a marketing tool to directly connect with your fans. So make it as easy as possible.

No artist will be interested in getting a developer account with Apple.

IMHO, I won’t recommend AppMakr for artists.

Oops, sorry… actually, my last post was a follow-up to a post I can’t find now. Trying to recapture it from my mind:

One service you should keep an eye out for is I was told they’re about to launch for Midem (at which Songpier is shortlisted for mobile application of the year).

Just as AppMakr, Songpier is about to offer a free starter package. AppStores are circumvented since it’s HTML5 they use. So you just send your customers a link to open on their mobile device. Add it to your home screen, and there you are.

I had the chance to take part in a pre-Beta test run. The interface is quite intuitive and very easy to use.

Mainly, it’s DIY artists who are targeted. And it’s spot on. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows & BlackBerry coming up.

Working as a consultant for start-ups and independent artists in the music business, initially I was searching for any service capable of building apps the DIY way – that’s when I came across Songpier.

See also:

I hope it’s not the link which disqualified my first posting… it just links to an article on this very subject I posted to Music Think Tank. Which is not my site. I find alot better than all of these. They fully guided me on getting my app approved (which is becoming alot more difficult these days because of Apple’s new guidelines)

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