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Ready for some iPhone Verizon rumours? 3rd of Feb is NOT the day! [Updated]

BGR reckons that Apple will announce the availability of an iPhone compatible with the Verizon network (i.e. CDMA) on the 3rd of February.

This all subject to the usual hoopla associated with rumours. Here’s what BGR have to say:

BGR has confirmed with a source close to Apple that the company has blacked out employee vacation requests between February 3rd and February 6th — Thursday through Sunday.

The site goes on to point out that no vacations = big product launch. It could well be something else, of course. Who knows we all thought that the ‘iTunes announcement’ the other month was going to be about iTunes-in-the-cloud. I can’t tell you how flipping annoyed I was to find out the only news was about some Beatles band. (See: The Beatles arrive on iTunes and nobody gives a toss).

So a CDMA iPhone on Verizon?

Or maybe even a 4G iPhone on Verizon? Who knows.

The wider point of interest for me is how many Verizon customers will decide to finally migrate, given they’ve been having a super time with the Motorola Droid range in recent quarters.

I wonder how much of Verizon’s iPhone business will be driven by refugees from AT&T’s utterly ABYSMAL “4G” piece of shit network? An iPhone running on a blazing fast CDMA or 4G connection will, I think, be something to behold.

Will Verizon add 10m iPhone customers? Or, will Verizon poach 8 million iPhone customers from AT&T and add 2 million of it’s own?

I wonder.

[Update: Right then, I’ve had a lot of people tell me the actual announcement will be next Tuesday 11th Jan]

By Ewan

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4 replies on “Ready for some iPhone Verizon rumours? 3rd of Feb is NOT the day! [Updated]”

1/11: iPhone 4v announced, basically a CDMA version of iPhone, no LTE until iPhone 5 mid-year 2011
2/3: iPhone 4v available, gives 3 weeks to train VZW people
Sales: 10 million in 2011, 4 or 5 million AT&T switchers (maybe me)
My question is what AT&T does to attempt to stem the tide. My guess, changes in the data plan and / or free Femto cells.
Most fun: new VZW adds

Just my opinion…

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