Top 20 iPhone Apps Developer looks beyond iOS and Android

The Moron Test is amongst the iTunes App Store’s top 20 applications and has been enjoyed by over seven million users to date. And it’s about to be enjoyed by even more. The app’s developer DistictDev is expanding into new territory: The app will shortly be available for Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 and Nokia devices.

I’m sure you’ve seen the app in the charts — and chances are, many of MIR’s readers have installed it. If you haven’t come across it, The Moron Test’s addictive challenges test players’ intellect and acuity as they navigate seemingly simple problems that require creative thinking to solve.

It’s rather interesting to hear from a developer who can see gold in ‘them’ hills — beyond the traditional domain of iPhone and Android.

Let’s have a word from the DistinctDev team:

“We recognize that while iOS and Android are currently the most established app platforms, there are millions of users who have other devices, and we wanted to make sure that they all had a chance to play The Moron Test,”

Hallelujah! Woohuu! Take note, other mobile developers. There is life beyond iPhone and Android!

The President and CEO of DistinctDev, Berkeley Malagon, tells us about the challenges related to porting the app to non-touchscreen devices:

“It is important for us to truly take advantage of each platform’s strengths, while maintaining the level of fun that made the game so popular to begin with. For instance, when porting the game to Blackberry’s non-touchscreen models, we redesigned the UI and controls so that the experience still feels natural and fun.”

Since the initial release of The Moron Test on the iOS App Store in April of 2009, the app has received consistent praise, and was recently featured by Apple as one of the Top 20 best-selling apps of all time, and the #1 best-selling Entertainment App of 2010. The Android version has also been enormously popular, quickly becoming the #9 Best Selling Paid Game in the Android Market.

Malagon shares his excitement over the expansion:

“This year is going to be a very ambitious one for us. The Moron Test has had success across all platforms we’ve brought it to so far, and we can’t wait to see where it goes next. We are looking into expanding on even more platforms, including Steam, I’m eager to welcome a whole new group of fans to the party. Let’s play!”

Seeing successful developers venture into new territory is quite exciting, especially considering that not all mobiles have iOS or Android. This will make it possible yet again to dare being different without losing the benefits that others enjoy.

Dare to look beyond!

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